Personal Message from W. Peter Godfrey

The inception of this firm in 1995 came as the result of a personal desire to reduce case loads and increase efficiency. Handling hundreds of litigated claims generated enormous hours but at what cost??

Over the past twenty years we have maintained this medium sized firm with eight to ten attorneys, 75 or so files per attorney and evenings and weekends for family. This workload allows the attorneys to have first-hand knowledge of the current events and to be able to answer questions from clients without the delay of pulling and reviewing the latest correspondence.

We have successfully implemented a team litigation concept that utilizes our many years of experience with the desire of our younger associates to think outside the box when seeking unique solutions to difficult claims.

Worthy of note are the Litigation Exposure Summaries which assist adjusters with making accurate reservations while clarifying the potential cost of defending and resolving claims. We also offer statistical data on opening, handling and closing matters within prescribed time frames. The Department of Labor and especially the various entities that gather data provide excellent reference points for calculating the cost and duration of most claims. While these figures are only guides, they do offer a glimpse into the future of comp.

We here at GGL&O invite any among you to inquire about any of the above. We are always delighted to share our success story and assist others in finding a good balance between work, home and the best and most economical handling of complex workers compensation claims.

– W. Peter Godfrey